President Sexton’s student dinner’s were a huge highlight of my NYU experience!!! Can’t thank him enough for all of his hugs, endless energy,  and sincere kindness; I <3 John!! 

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parent of NYUAD student and fan of JS

Though I have had the privilege of hearing many high level leaders speak, there are just a few that left me with a sense of authentic and committed passion for their purpose at hand. John Sexton’s infectious love of education  was the very reason I was behind my daughter 100% for her enrollment in  NYUAD.

  Sexton is definitely one of the educational warriors of our time. His passion and drive for releasing boundaries in the world is evident when he speaks about the role NYUAD plays in the Middle East, the idea that it can and most certainly does, influence yet honor a culture that can be quite misunderstood by our western society. His mission to create global leaders is not just a sparkling nuance of a thought but a necessity in today’s world of the fallen intellect.

It is not surprising to me that a vote of no confidence came about through FAS, merely because change highlights our attachments, our edges of discomfort and the fear that we might no longer be what we believe we are. But this is the blessing that John Sexton has given NYU, growth globally, change locally and an undying and unwavering love of education.

Dear John

It’s only once I saw the news today that the scope of what you’ve been going through became real to me—I think I couldn’t imagine it before because you have never been anything else in my life but a positive force. You have made so much possible for me and others, have created so many opportunities, and have offered me moments of wonderful, generous kindness.

And none of that can be taken away—I hope you can remember that what good you have done remains, and grows, and can never be undone or voted away. 

I believe you do good things—and will continue to do so. And I thank you.

JSex always showed every student (03-07) love, compassion, and interest. He is one of the most unique men I’ve ever met and he has stayed with me AND my family since the moment he pitched NYU to us. His teaching, leadership, and spirit are key parts of my NYU experience/memories. 

John was very important in my undergraduate career at NYU. My various positions in student groups on campus provided me with many opportunities to converse with John. He took an honest and sincere interest in my experiences at NYU, and was very thoughtful and available whenever I reached out for advice. As a 2011 graduate, John has continued to guide me towards graduate school. I trust the advice that I have received from him, and am very grateful for the time that he has invested in me, and all of the other students who have reached out to him. Thank you John.

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As a part-time Sternie with a full time day job, it could be easy to feel disconnected from NYU administration, faculty, and other students. However, I couldn’t feel more part of a “community” than I do now. I strongly believe this comes from the top down, and that President Sexton is to thank for creating and cultivating a fantastic environment for every student on this campus.

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someone had to realize that the world is a common ground…

taking education and showing students that we all live in one world is essential to be able to solve problems in the coming future.

John Sexton, thank you for being brave!

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Count me among the great multitude of people within the NYU community who love and admire John Sexton. Aside from his deep personal integrity and compassionate leadership, President Sexton’s vision of NYU as the “Global Network University” is brilliant. For example, the GNU represents a new paradigm for the projection of NYU’s academic mission and intellectual influence around the world which will strengthen the institution overall.  Also, since the academy is entering a new period of fierce global competition for the best students world-wide, the GNU represents educational opportunities for the best and brightest to continue to choose NYU over our competitors in the Ivy League, among the Public Ivies, and within the European Union, and Pacific Rim. We owe this vision to our students and alumni, and the reality of higher education in the 21st century will demand it. John Sexton is the best possible leader for such a moment in our history as this.

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I heart John because with just one speech, he managed to change my entire outlook on life. It’s so easy to get caught up in success and failure - but he taught me that life is about “playing another octave of the piano”, and being brave enough to accept the risk of failure. No matter what happens, you will have learnt something to carry with you for the rest of your life.

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